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Pete Wierzbicki Financial Services is the place to begin your search for full-service financial and merchant services. Our team members work hard to get your business and keep it for a lifetime. We have the best prices, lowest rates, state of the art technology. and dedicated personal, local service. We offer exclusive payment processing rate plans with special programs like cash discounts, no cost processing, low wholesale-rate processing, no monthly bill processing and even revenue processing. 

To top it all off, we work without leases or contracts, no early termination fees, never raise your rates lifetime, and we will be there for you as your business grows and evolves.
Our Company
Pete Wierzbicki Financial Services has the products and services you need to help you meet all of your business goals. We will get you setup with the money you need to take your business to the next level. We'll install the latest technology in Point Of Sale Systems tailored for your unique business operations, or we can provide a FREE chip-card processing terminal to ensure you're equipped with reliable and secure payment processing. Next, we will deliver the lowest rates and best service in payment processing with our exclusive no cost processing, no-bill processing, or our super-low rate traditional credit card processing. Also, we'll put your business on steroids with our full-featured, dynamic Customer Loyalty Mobile Phone Apps for your customers to bring them back faithfully and frequently.

Finally, we'll provide excellent personal and local service combined with our 24/7/365 USA customer phone support.

Funding Solutions
A Network of Lenders Ready To Fund Your Business
Pete Wierzbicki Financial Services, Inc is a Referral Partner with industry leading, next-generation financial institutions. Our expertise lies in our network of lenders who offer alternative lending solutions and will get you funded even if you have been unable to get funding anywhere else. Combine your MCA or ACH with our flat rate or low rate credit card processing and you could save enough on your loan or cash advance to offset or even cover your payments.
Merchant Cash Advance
Automatic Clearing House

Bad Credit Still Qualify
Quick Approval Process
Daily Ratio Payments
Fixed Monthly Payments
Quick Approval Process
Bad Credit Still Qualify
Merchant Cash Advance
Automatic Clearing House
Payment Processing
The Next Generation of Merchant Services and Products
Low Flat-Rate Processing
Cash Discount Processing
Exclusive Processing Many Options
No-Bill Processing
Revenue Processing
Low-Rate 4G Wireless
Accountant Preferred Rate
Residential Rental Processing
E-Commerce Processing
Check Processing, and more
Compliant Surcharging
Interchange Plus
Low Wholesale Rate Processing
No Long Term Obligations
Lowest Rates Available
No Contracts Or Leases
No Rate Hikes
Our traditional credit card processing has all of the best industry benefits in one package. We start you with the lowest wholesale rates available and lock them in for life, so you never need to shop around again. We also provide you with a free EMV-compliant chip terminal, next day or same day funding, and 24/7/365 USA customer support. And best of all, you don’t have worry about service contracts, leases, buyouts, or any long term obligations.

Our free online gateway provides you with real-time monitoring and reports from any computer, tablet or smart phone.
Traditional Credit Card Processing With Low Wholesale Rates
Low Wholesale Rate (LWRP) Credit Card Processing
Processing Fees
Get a Free EMV terminal
Purchase one of our POS systems
Use your existing POS system

Next-Generation Credit Card Processing 
Our next generation CDF Zero Cost credit card processing lets you defer payment processing fees to your customers. With the rising costs of operating a business, including facilities, equipment, utilities, inventory, taxes, wages, payment processing, etc., many businesses are opting to defer payment processing costs. Our programs are state and industry compliant and the impact on businesses is minimal. Wouldn't it be nice to have no fees deducted at the end of the month? We have ZERO transaction fees, ZERO authorization fees, ZERO other fees, and ZERO contracts and leases.

You get an Free EMV chip-compliant credit card terminal with lifetime warranty, next day or same day funding, local, personal service, and 24/7/365 USA customer support. You pay ZERO ($0.00) per month and no other costs or fees, even if your current processing fees are in the thousands of dollars.
Customer Deferred Fee (CDF) Zero Cost Processing
See What CDF Zero Cost Processing Will Do To The Average Credit Card Processing Bill

POS Systems
The Latest Technology Combined With The Best Rates
Tailored Just For You
State-Of-The-Art Technology
Competetive Prices
Why pay for an expensive POS when there are better and more advanced systems at a lower cost?  We will help you find the right POS at the right price. When you’re ready for POS Technology, we’re ready to deliver.

We offer a wide variety of POS systems, software, hardware, and peripherals such as cash drawers, bar code scanners, printers, kitchen displays, etc. So regardless of your industry, whether you are in retail, restaurant/bar, hospitality, beauty, or services, we can match your needs to the right POS system to make your business run smooth and efficiently.  We will work within your budget and won’t try to sell you something you don’t need. Allow us to provide you with our low-rate credit card processing service and we will include additional discounts with your equipment purchase.
Feature-Rich Dynamic Loyalty Applications
Mobile Loyalty Apps
Features you'd expect in a $20,000 - $30,000 app are now available to you for a fraction of that cost

Custom Designed With Your Brand
Display your unique look and content    

Loyalty cards
Reward your returning customers with loyalty cards

Attract repeat and new business

Push Notifications
Communicate directly to your customers phones

Video Gallery
Display & play videos

Mobile Commerce
Make sales that might otherwise have been missed

And so much more...

Our full-featured mobile loyalty apps will put top-of-line mobile loyalty apps in your budget and in your customers' pockets. No small business should be without one.

Our one-time design and setup charge and low monthly maintenance fees cost just a fraction of what you would pay with most high-end custom app developers, and our apps also provide the same robust features, including:
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