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Customer Deferred Fee (CDF)
Flat-Rate Credit Card Processing
Very Low Rate (VLR)
Traditional Credit Card Processing
(CDFP) Zero Cost Processing
$0 / Monthly
Zero ($0) Monthly Cost
Save hundreds or even thousands
of dollars each month
Never pay for processing
Customers pay your fees
No Contract Or Lease
Enjoy HUGE savings every month
Create a new source of income with your savings.
Increase your total gross business revenue by reducing costs.
You will never need to switch again.
•  This is NOT surcharging
•  Always No Bill - ever.
•  Program Options Available:
     - Cash Discount Program
     - No-Cost Processing
     - Revenue Processing
(LWRP) Low-Rate Processing
Traditional Payment Solutions
Lowest Rates Available
We will beat your current rates
Lowest rates guaranteed and we will never raise them.
Our customers average between 1.9% and 2.9% effective rate.
•  Avoid another costly lease
•  Have confidence your rates won't go up
•  Enjoy hassle free processing with no
   service contract
•  Ask about our "No Bill" option and
   never receive a monthly bill
You will never need to switch again.
No Contract Or Lease
Free credit card terminal
Never Raise Rates
We will lock in your low rates for life
CDF Credit Card Processing
No Monthly Fee
No Contracts Or Leases
No Rate Hikes
Next-Generation Payment Processing!
Our integrated proprietary network technology allows us to offer our customers an exclusive credit card processing solution-saving them hundreds and even thousands of dollars every month. You will never pay for payment processing again, because there is ZERO transaction fees and ZERO authorization fees. You will never need to shop around for lower rates again, because there’s nothing lower than ZERO.

Does it sound too good to be true? It's real. It can save you thousands of dollars and here's how it works
1. CDF Cash Discount Processing
Cash Discount Program ensures you are in compliance with state laws and statutes. The cash discount price is the price you charge your cash-paying customers. Your card-paying customers pay the processing fees and those fees get paid at the time of the transaction - not at the end of the month. No more processing bills at the end of the month, for life!

1. CDF Zero-Cost Processing & CDF Revenue Processing
With CDF
Zero-Cost Processing, your card-paying customers pay the processing fees and those fees get paid at the time of the transaction. Your cash-paying customers pay the same price as card payers, so you end up paying no processing fees and actually even making revenue on cash payments. We also have a mechanism to boost that revenue with our Revenue Processing program. Call for details.

* Our Exclusive No-Bill Program. All of our CDF programs come with our excusive No-Bill feature. No-Bill processing ensures you receive no processing fees by deducting the processing fees at the time of the transaction. You keep 100% of your daily deposits! There are no end-of-the-month surprises with large bills.
Our free online gateway provides you with real-time access to your account from any computer, tablet or smart phone. You still receive a regular monthly statement for your records.
Why do you refer to this and Next-Generation Credit Card Processing?
How does it work?
Are all credit cards accepted?
Are there many other businesses doing this?
Is there an upper limit I can process each month before I start paying more?
Can I use CDF processing in combination with a Merchant Cash advance?
Frequently Asked Questions
Use this calculator to see how much CDF Payment Processing  can save you:
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Low Wholesale Rate Credit Card Processing
Lowest Rates Available
No Contacts Or Leases
No Rate Hikes
Lowest rates available - GUARANTEED!
We don’t raise rates - ever.
No hidden fees - ever.
Great local service and save money!
No early termination fee contracts - yes, you read that right!
Free EMV chip compliant machines - no need for expensive leases or rental fees.
Fast, simple transition - we make it easy so you don’t have to worry.
We build trust and lifetime relationships. We acquire and keep your business through customer satisfaction - not because you’re locked into some long-term (and all too often sour) obligation. Ask about our strategy to effectively get you out of unwanted service contracts and equipment leases.
Some banks and processors raise rates twice a year. Not us.
Some processors promise a “simple, low, flat rate” below interchange rates, while they actually charge you 50% above interchange rates or tack on hidden fees. Not us.
A three or four year lease could set you back $2000 or more. We’ll give you a machine for free.
We’ll reprogram your existing equipment and even work with your current processor to close your account for you.
Available No Bill option - Never get an end of the month deduction on your account.
We deduct your fees at the point of sale, so you keep 100% of your daily deposits and there is no monthly bill.
Exclusive Low Rate Processing Many Options
We also have other exclusive rate programs tailored to fit your specific industry such as:
Interchange Plus
Accountant Prefered
Low-Rate 4G Wireless
Residential Rental Processing
Very low rates combined with a customer referral program that pays you cash or monthly commissions. We will help your clients to save money on their credit card processing and we'll make it worth you while.
We offer a flat 1% for all rental payments. No other fees, costs, or charges period. Your monthly bill will always be 1% period.
For high-volume merchants such as some retail, restaurants, convenience stores, etc., we will get you rates just above interchange costs. If you're already on interchange plus processing, we'll beat your existing rates. 
Why pay high rates with mobile card readers like Square, PayPal Here, and others? We can get you setup with a 4G Wireless terminal and put on one of our low rate processing plans and save you hundred and even thousands of dollars per year
...And Other Exclusive Next-Generation Processing Programs
Check Processing
Lowest Rates Available
No Contacts Or Leases
No Rate Hikes
By using a check reader module connected to a credit card terminal, merchants can process and deposit business and consumer checks directly at the point of sale.
Eliminate bad checks for added security and peace of mind
Accept checks as easily as a credit card transaction!
Increase sales with this additional secure transaction option,
instead of telling customers, "we don't take checks."
Faster availability of funds without waiting for checks to clear
Eliminate unnecessary fees including NSF, check handling,
and other banking fees
The check guarantee option provides security and peace of mind to accept checks with confidence. By following simple guidelines during the transaction process, merchants reduce their risk of taking bad checks. Funding is guaranteed for approved checks, and the money is deposited directly into your business bank account electronically. Now you can accept checks and without the worry.
Our Check Guarantee
Credit Card Processing For Your Online Store
We are an authorized gateway reseller for, eProcessing Network, and Payflow - formerly known as Verisign online internet gateway. We can integrate virtually with all ecommerce website and shopping cart software in the market today. We offer developer friendly API and all the latest PCI-compliant solutions. When choosing a gateway it’s important to know not all processors are comfortable with the risk associated with internet processing. This is why it’s especially important that you align yourself with a processor that is willing to work with your growing internet company. We represent providers that are industry leaders in all risk levels. They process for the largest internet retailers on the internet as well as thousands of upstart companies.
Standard Card Processing
Competetive Rates
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